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Video Resources


The EU Explained

This really good animated video explains the EU bodies and how they work.



The European Commission explained - Functioning and Tasks

The animated video explains to the general public the functioning and tasks of the European Commission. The main 4 roles of the European Commission are illustrated throughout the story: 1) Right of initiative -- proposing new laws and policies; 2) Policy implementation -- managing European Union policies and the budget; 3) Guardian of the Treaties -- enforcing European Union law; 4) International dimension -- ensuring the Union's external representation.



Europe, from war to Peace

In 2012 the EU received the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing the causes of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe. This video commemorates that achievement by reminding viewers of that transition from war to peace.




EU Trade Policy Explained

EU trade policy sets the direction for trade and investment in and out of the EU. The EU aims to play a key role in keeping markets open worldwide and helping Europe to exit from the economic crisis. EU trade policy is working to: create a global system for fair and open trade, open up markets with key partner countries, make sure others play by the rules and ensure trade is a force for sustainable development



Horizon 2020: how does it work?

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over seven years (2014-2020). Find out more about Horizon 2020 in this three-minute animation which will give you a general overview of the programme.