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The European Union Academic Programme (EUAP) is a project co-funded by the European Union (EU), in partnership with the University of Macau (UM) and the Institute for European Studies of Macau (IEEM). It was officially launched in September 2012 and became part of a large network of 37 EU Centres spread around the world. The EUAP was created to further strengthen EU-Macao bilateral relations, to increase awareness of the EU through academic actions, outreach activities, and exchanges of people, and to establish a strong network between local, European, and regional partners.


As such, our central objectives are:

* To enhance Macao’s excellence on EU studies, through academic activities such as the establishment of undergraduate, masters, and PhD programs and scholarships, with a view to ensure a long-lasting effect in the approach to European studies in Macao and improve EU research.

* To create a durable framework of activities through which to promote knowledge and awareness of the EU and the importance of its relationship with Macao among the general public.

* To strengthen academic cooperation between the EU and Macao, and at a regional level by fomenting exchanges of students, academics and the creation of joint projects as to further contribute to bilateral relations between the two parties.

* To coordinate with other institutes and research centres, and to establish a solid EU network of partners within Macao and the region.


To meet these objectives, our team is involved in a broad range of activities and works closely with several government bodies, schools, faculties, diplomatic missions of EU member states, civil society, chambers of commerce, and other organisations within Macao. Our activities reach out to wide audiences ranging from academic experts and the business community, to the mass media, civil society, and the general public.



The EUAP enhances EU academic studies by introducing new courses, studentships, prizes on EU studies and research projects, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level; including several PhD studentships. It also furthers knowledge by conducting research on areas relevant to the EU such as EU-China/Macao relations, economic integrations, global governance or security issues to name a few. Each year, we welcome welcome experts under the visiting speakers’ series and conferences, and we established fellowships for academics to visit partner institutions and participate in a wide set of activities with similar bodies.



The EUAP creates a framework for sharing reliable information on the EU with Macao’s society. Through its school talks and events, the EUAP reaches out to the younger generations in order to establish a comprehensive and coherent understanding of the EU among students. The EUAP also holds workshops and seminars on current topics for experts, journalists, and the business community as to keep them well informed on developments from the EU. The EUAP engages with Macao through our network of business, political, civil society, and media contacts. In addition, we get involved with the public through our public events, Facebook and social media.


Academic Exchanges with the EU

The EUAP possess a strong network of institutions in the EU thanks to its strategic partners, and thus benefits from already established relationships. The EUAP takes advantage of this network by funding exchange programmes for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students to study in the EU and visit our partners. These great opportunities for people-to-people exchanges are also available for scholars. Through the Fellowship Programme for Scholar of EU Affairs from Europe or Elsewhere, we invite experts from various disciplines to come to stay and do research in Macao. Similarly, the Fellowship for Enhancement Teaching and Research of EU Studies, funds our faculty members to visit and do research at European universities. In addition, the EUAP finances Summer Study Trips to Europe for participating students to visit the EU, its emblematic institutions, and discover its people.


Coordination and Cooperation

The EUAP is one of 37 centres around the globe, also known as European Union Centres. These centres are located in universities around the world including Singapore, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, US and Canada among others. Our team is proud to be a part of this EU network and strives to cooperate with these centres to further improve the knowledge and perception of the EU. The EUAP also works particularly closely with the EU Office to Hong Kong and Macau and the diplomatic missions of the member states represented in Macao in order to organise and coordinate events. Finally, the EUAP also works with many local and regional institutions in the field of culture and business such as chambers of commerce or cultural institutes.